The Hackett Community Association has been actively involved in the reinvigoration of the Hackett shopping centre for a number of years.  We believe that an active local shopping centre is crucial to maintaining a sense of community and the establishment of a pharmacy has been a key component in our overall plan.

A local pharmacy will not only improve access to prescription drugs for many of our less mobile residents but more importantly increase their access to a health professional, who can in turn provide ongoing guidance with their health issues. This is less likely to occur in out of suburb pharmacies because they are either too busy, as in the case of Dickson, or the development of longer term relationships is  more difficult due to the sense of not being a local.

A pharmacy will also provide a steady flow of customers who in turn will frequent adjacent businesses thereby increasing the economic viability of the shopping centre. It will also increase the opportunity for increased social interaction for the less advantaged members of our community.

We would also like to see the return of a local GP as was the case some years ago and the presence of a pharmacy should improve those prospects.

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